The first part is a Getting Started part where I'll be introducing some simple concepts. I'm assuming you have zero experience with BlitzMax and programming but do have some familiarity with using computers.

The second part will walk you through how to create a framework of a 2D game and will use a very simple space shooter as an example.

Then the main part of this series starts and that is the showcasing of several 2D Game programming concepts. These will be written more or less in random order. I seriously doubt I will be able to cover all topics and even the topics that I want to cover will take several months (years?) to complete. But hopefully the meat of this series will be enough to get the needed concepts for readers to venture on on your own. Good luck with the learning....

Getting Started

Part 1: Writing your First BlitzMax Program Posted May 08 2006
Part 2: Using the MaxIDE Editor To Be Done
Part 3: Debugging BlitzMax programs To Be Done

A Basic 2D Game Framework

Part 1 Creating the Player Object Posted May 08 2006
Part 2 Introducing a Basic Game Framework Posted May 08 2006
Part 3 Introducing the Enemy Posted May 08 2006
Part 4 A new revised Game Framework Posted May 08 2006
Part 5 Adding Missiles Posted May 08 2006
Part 6 Adding Collision Posted May 08 2006
Part 7 Adding Explosion Posted May 19 2006

Enhancing the 2D FrameWork with a BreakOut Clone Example

Section I
Part 1: Not active now!
Part 2: Adding the TBall Game Object
Part 3:  Adding TPaddle Game Object
Part 4:  Adding the TBrick Game Object
Section II
Part 5:  Introducing Game States
Part 6: A new revised Framework with Game States

2D Game Programming Concepts

1) Max2D Collision Techniques  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) Posted May 15 2006
2) Max2D Font Functions Posted May 29 2006
3) Max2D Image Functions
--Part 1: Loading and Drawing Posted Jun 04 2006
--Part 2: Transformations           ""
--Part 3: Blending Modes           ""
4) Learning about Lists To be Done
5) Game Timing To be Done
6) Input To be Done
7) Sound To be Done

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